Which service and length of appointment do I need?

Being primarily a Myotherapy clinic, a 1hr Myotherapy appointment is the most common service clients select.  However, if you have been referred to the clinic by someone or wanting to try any of our services for the first time and aren’t quite sure which service or length of appointment to choose this is a little guide to help you out.

Which Service?

As a sole owner operator, the service you choose to book isn’t a major issue. That is something that we can talk about and decide on once you are in the clinic. If you are in doubt pick Myotherapy. It is more important to pick the correct length of appointment to reserve your time.

Appointment Length?

Ideally if it is your first visit to the clinic then a 1hr appointment is needed for your initial consultation. This gives us time to take a detailed history and go through a thorough assessment. If you do not have time for a 1hr appointment or there isn’t a 1hr slot available then choose whatever length of appointment is available. In the initial consult we will talk about how long the follow up appointments should be.

Pregnant ladies, can you please indicate how far along you are in the provided notes section.

You can book your appointment online here or call 03 5248 7321 if you would prefer to speak to someone over the phone.