Hot Stone Massage Geelong

At Geelong Myotherapy & Wellness Centre, our aim is to work with you to discover the very best version of you. With the help of our incredible practitioners, Hot Stone Massage can give you the much needed break you deserve.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

A type of massage where you get to fully indulge in relaxation and you can feel your body soften throughout the session. Heated river rocks are used as tools to massage and warm the body at the same time to give you the ultimate relaxation. The use of rocks at different temperatures brings your focus to your body. Adding a mindfulness element to declutter your mind and let go of your daily worries.

Hot Stone Massage can give you the same benefit as a regular massage with the addition of heat to help relax and soothe your muscles. Similar techniques are used to a relaxation massage but with stones. They can be moved around or left static on areas that need some attention.

Are you tight from sitting at a desk all day?

Do you need to change a cycle of depression or anxiety?

Do you just need some time out?

Book yourself a 60min session to get your body back on track or a 90min session to to really indulge in the benefits of this amazing technique.

Will the stones burn me?

Our therapist has been professionally trained to offer this style of treatment and you can rest assured that they will only use a temperature that is suitable and will not burn you. Our therapist is highly skilled and will be asking for your feedback throughout the session, if everything is feeling OK for you.