Corporate Massage

Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre helps a lot of office workers with neck and shoulder tension which often leads to a lack of concentration and lower productivity.

Employees will take time out of their day to get relief from this occupational pain which means less time behind the desk.

Why not let the Massage Therapist come to your office to help all of your staff that are putting up with neck, back and shoulder pain?

This allows employees to get the treatment they need without impacting their time behind the desk. They come back to their computer relaxed and refocused making the more productive and efficient.

Why Use Us?

We prefer to relocate your employees away from their desk in a seperate room to perform the seated massage. This means NO distractions while they are relaxing and receiving their treatment.

Treatments usually go for 10 mins. However, we can accommodate different lengths upon request.

Employees will stay clothed with the therapist using a hand towel to cover the clothing while massaging. No oil or cream will be used.

Employees will be given information on effective exercises they can perform at their desk when taking a break. These exercises will prolong the effect of the massage giving you a more productive employee for longer.

The Massages

If you are the decision maker and still finding it hard to make the right choice, why not try it out for yourself for FREE?

If your employees health and wellbeing is a priority, come down to our Breakwater Clinic and sample our services for free before booking us. We will give one of your company’s representatives a FREE 10min seated treatment so you can find out first hand how your employees will be feeling after a treament.