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Pilates + Yoga + Well-being for every body.
MYO WELL is a Wellness Clinic and Movement HUB in breakwater,
ideally located to serve the Geelong and Surfcoast community.
We believe a healthy body is a balance of strength, flexibility, mobility & stability.
Our passionate team meets you where you are at, empowering you to Good Body Feels!

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Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre is the home of Mind, Body, Move. Our Wellness Clinic and Movement HUB enable us to offer an integrative approach, empowering you to heal and explore your journey to Good Body Feels!

MYO WELL is equipped to help you overcome injury and pain, as we support your recovery and rehabilitation. Our compassionate team will give you the tools to come home to your body, whatever your movement goals. Run, walk, roll you got this!

We see strength, mobility, musculoskeletal health, massage, nutrition, movement, rest and mindfulness as key ingredients in your healing journey. That’s why we have incorporated these services into our Wellness Clinic and Movement HUB.

Our Movement HUB teachers, Myotherapists and Podiatrists work collaboratively to provide you with optimal management and care on your wellness journey. We are passionate about holistic healthcare, taking the time to listen to your concerns, so we can determine the root cause of your injury, pain or challenge.

Book in with us today and experience our difference, a new approach to feeling connected again! Our team will help guide, support and empower you to Good Body Feels!

our vision

Here at MYO WELL, we’re interested in providing strength based accessible care by offering an inclusive space for all bodies and all abilities to heal, move and connect. We meet you where you’re at and put a care plan in place to best support your needs & recovery. We do this by considering your lifestyle, and set out achievable goals together. It’s about self-care for community care, as your health affects you and your friends and family too. We aim to create experiences that remind you of your own agency and worth. Everyone is welcome, we offer concession rates. Move with us and let’s create positive change in our community together!

“Jesse has been instrumental in assisting me with managing ongoing pain from Fibromyalgia. It’s great to finally have found a therapist who treats the whole body, not just the one […]

Amy Young

“Thank you Jesse, you are the only one that has been able to get my body back on track after a total hip replacement I would highly recommend Jesse, professional […]

Christine Kenyon

“A car accident 20 years ago left me with severe whiplash and permanent damage to my neck. My neck will never be fixed, I’ll always have some level of discomfort […]


“I worked with Jesse at the National Womens Masters Hockey Championship. Before the tournament I was working very hard to get my knee to a point, where I could play. […]

Jane Slater

“As a professional tap dancer and active person my body is often pushed to its limits. Jesse has helped me prevent and manage any muscular problems. Regular treatments with him […]

Chaise Rossiello – Tap Dog

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Levator Scapulae Muscle

Levator Scapulae Action: Unilaterally – Elevates the scapula – Downwardly roatates the scapula – rotates the head and neck simultaneously Bilaterally – Extend the head and neck Origin: C1 – […]

Gluteus Minimus Muscle

Gluteus Minimus Action – abduction of hip flexion and medial rotation of hip (anterior fibres) extension and lateral rotation of hip (posterior fibres) stabilises the pelvis and prevents the free […]

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