Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre (formally The Palpation Clinic) was created in 2019. From a realisation that clients were hearing our advice about getting moving and how it is important for the body. However, clients wouldn’t always follow through with our advice, even with the best of intentions.

So the decision to offer some services in-house was made and the Wellness Centre was created. Clinically I could see the large amount of people that were coming in with issues related to stress or not moving enough. The services that we needed to add in needed address those issues.

We wanted to create a place that people can come to, be greeted by a friendly face, feel welcome, feel like they are being taken care of, connect with other great people and feel a part of the community.

Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge guidance on being the best version of yourself. Whether it be on the clinic side for Myotherapy, Remedial Massage or the studio side for Yoga or Pilates. Your overall health is the number one priority for us.

Let us help you Be The Best Version Of Yourself.