Hyperice is now available from the clinic.

Hyperice Ice Compression

For as long as I can remember R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has been the initial treatment for most soft tissue injuries. If you wear a hockey ball in the knee, or a corky in footy and the first thing that happens is a bag of ice is slapped on the area (or you are told to stop being a sook and run it off) and you are told to put your leg up. Often the compression part is left out or minimally used.


The Hyperice Ice Compression products combine these 2 crucial components. The patented air release valve takes out the excess air when the ice melts to allow the ice cell to mould to the body part and maintain compression. The ice cell works best with smaller ice cubes but normal cubes work fine.

Targeted Vibration

A foam roller and/or trigger point ball have become common tools for recovery among the active population. Hyperice have designed a high intensity vibrational foam roller, called the Vyper and ball, called the Hypersphere. The power of these devices is impressive and the feeling you get after using them is even more so. If you use a foam roller or massage ball regularly you won’t be disappointed with these products. Click here to view more info and purchase Hyperice products.

Below is a list of some of the high profile sports teams in Australia that are using a mix of the Compression and Vibrational products:

Cricket Australia, Brisbane Broncos, Nth Qld Cowboys, Gold Coast Titans, Carlton FC, Port Adelaide FC, Canberra Raiders, West Coast Eagles, Fremantle FC, Waikato Chiefs, Canterbury Crusaders, Melbourne Rebels.

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