Stretches to help with a sore neck.


Sore Neck?

Is a sore neck ruining your day? The culprit could be Levator Scapulae. Connecting from the transverse processes of C1-C4 to the superior medial border of the scapula. It has two main roles; extension and lateral flexion of the neck, elevation of the scapula.

Things that can contribute to tightness in this area:
– Hockey, holding the stick with your left hand at the top constantly. Bending forward with head extended.
– Football, copping a jarring bump on the shoulder or in the back. This muscle can tighten up to protect the area.
– Cycling, leaning forward with your neck extended for long periods of time.
– Stress, when people get stressed it is common to tense up in the shoulders. This sort of habitual emotional posture can be hard to break.

Rotate your head and flex your neck to the opposite shoulder you want to stretch. Apply mild tension to the back of your head with the arm you are facing. (as if you are smelling your opposite armpit!)