Widely regarded for its extensive health and relaxation benefits, Yoga is a deeply connecting practice combining breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of particular postures.

Yoga promotes an approach to life that values balance and harmony above all else. In this ancient and wonderfully accessible practice, body, breath and mind are united to encourage internal peacefulness, greater clarity and a heightened integration of being. Pair this with the possibility of fewer injuries, improved overall physical performance and increased spiritual awareness and you’ll see that Yoga really is the full package!

Yoga is for everyone: young, old, flexible, relatively immobile, and every ability in-between. A regular Yoga practice will increase your strength and fitness, allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your body, foster happiness and positive spirituality, and assist with relief of any ongoing injuries and physical pressures that lead to you any one of our Centre’s treatment rooms in the first place.

We offer a range of classes to suit every level of experience and work hard to tailor these exactly to the needs and goals of every individual client. Our environment is proudly inclusive, all-embracing and beautifully supportive. All mats and props (e.g. bolsters, blocks, straps, eye pillows etc.) are provided. However, if you’d prefer to bring and use your own mat, you are more than welcome to do so.

“Yoga does not change the way we see things; it transforms the person who sees.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Classes at Geelong Myotherapy and Wellness Centre

Mix and match classes to suit your treatment plan and weekly schedule!

Heated/non-heated options
Foundational, all-embracing, guided and supportive

A gentle introduction to – or revisiting of – the foundations of Yoga with a focus on building strength, awareness and an understanding of Yoga philosophy. Classes will gently build in complexity, offering students the support to gain confidence and step into any regular Flow class thereafter. Expect a supportive and wonderfully inclusive environment in which you can learn and play with ease.

Mindful, focused, warming, integrative

A fluid, moderately paced class with a focus on establishing soul-nourishing connections between mind, body, breath and movement. Deeply rooted in Vinyasa practice, Flow explores a range of soul-cleansing postures to gently build strength, focus and flexibility. Expect mindful movement and a body that thanks you for your kind and careful work following.

Gentle, mindful, warming, calming

Lovely, gentle Vinyasa sequencing, offering you a nourishing balance between the Yin and Flow styles. You will be moving with purpose into each pose, feeling how your body responds and letting go of any tension and restriction. Our Gentle Flow is perfect for both less experienced yogis and those simply wanting to dial your practice back a notch.

Restorative, mindful, relaxed

Time to really let go of all your stress. In Yin, you will be holding poses and using your breath to facilitate a change in your fascia (connective tissue), allowing you to go deeper into each luscious stretch and enjoy a more supple body as a result. In each pose, total relaxation is your goal. Your body will thank you after this class!

Gentle, centred, mindful, relaxed

Let’s slow right down and help our bodies really rest! In Restorative Yoga, the breath is our primary focus and method of healing. We use lots of props (e.g. bolsters, blankets, blocks etc.) to support the body, moving in and out of shapes with ease. Expect to leave class feeling truly relaxed, centred and ready for a great night’s sleep.