Pregnancy Massage

If you are looking for a pregnancy massage in Geelong, we can help. Our experienced Massage Therapist can make your pregnancy more comfortable.

The gestational period for a human is a complex process that requires a lot of care. During pregnancy, women are very in tune with their bodies, seeing and feeling every little change that is going on inside and out. It is only natural that as their body changes they will feel all the aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Eating right, exercising and keeping relaxed are easy ways to make sure your pregnancy is as problem free as possible.

While your baby is growing your body is changing shape, putting strain on places like your Lower Back and Sciatic Nerve. Which can lead to uncomfortable days and sleepless nights before the baby even arrives! At the Palpation Clinic our Pregnancy Massage offers a way for you to relax and ease any tension you have in your body.

How long has it been since you laid on your stomach? How amazing would it be if you could do it right now to take some tension off your lower back? We have a pregnancy pillow to suit the shape of your growing bust and belly which allows you to lay face down.

The type of treatment you can expect is a more targeted approach, to help relieve any discomfort that you are feeling. To to get the most out of the session the terapist may give you some take home exercise to help you self manage the problem.

Call 03 5248 7321 or Book Online for a Pregnancy Massage so you can focus on enjoying your pregnancy and not the niggling aches and pains.

Check with your Health Fund to see if Remedial Massage is covered under your policy.

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