What is the Difference Between Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue?

Remedial Massage is one of the most popular services that we offer at our Geelong clinic. Often the question will come up of what is the difference between Deep Tissue and the Remedial Massage we offer. The below information will help clear this up for you.


What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage is a hands-on approach to managing acute and chronic muscular pain and tension. Often people will come to us with a specific issue, and a goal in mind. For example, they may wish to alleviate a headache they have had for the last 3 days due to being stressed at work.

Our therapists at Myo Well will use the information from your history and assessment to work out where in your body is causing the pain and create a targeted treatment plan. We mostly use massage as a technique to alleviate the symptoms as well as some suggestions for take home stretches and self management strategies.

The pressure used during a Remedial Massage will vary depending on your sensitivity on the day and what the therapist believes is required. Firmer pressure and more pain doesn’t equal better outcomes. We want you to feel the area we are working on but not so much that it causes you to tense up.

Here’s a recap:

– Can be used for general muscle tension, acute & chronic muscular pain
– Targeted treatment for the best symptom relief
– Goal orientated
– Massage pressure will vary depending on what is presenting
– Take home stretches, exercises


What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage is a style of massage that flows a little more like a Swedish Massage. More long flowing strokes using a deeper pressure to help with more generalised muscle tension. This type of treatment isn’t targeted. The aim is to give you that whole body, deep relaxation feeling.

The pressure is generally firm the whole time. Often people will describe the discomfort they feel during a treatment as ‘good pain’. At Myo Well we encourage you to communicate with your therapist on how the pressure is through your treatment. All you need to do is say, you can go a little firmer, that’s about my limit, can you back it off a bit or THAT’S PERFECT!

Here’s a recap:

– Used for general muscle tension
– Not targeted
– Long flowing strokes, similar to Swedish Massage
– Firm pressure the whole time
– No take home self management strategies

Although we do not offer Deep Tissue Massage at Myo Well, book in for a Remedial Massage and you can communicate with your therapist during the session how much pressure you prefer and what area/s you would like worked on.