Creating Health In 2020

The beginning of a new year is often clouded by temptations to start a new diet or set a new year’s resolution to get healthier, fitter or trimmer.

Yet so many of us have found that diets just like new years resolutions don’t actually last, work or have us feeling the way we want to feel…energized, fulfilled, satisfied, peaceful, confident…

I am trying something new this year and l would like to offer this practice as something for you to consider trying too.

I suggest creating a list of all the things that have supported your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing over the past 12 months. Place it somewhere you will see it often.

This list will serve as a foundation for creating lasting health for this year and beyond.

This list will grow, evolve and change over time as will you. But it is comforting to have a list to refer back to should you need to reconnect with what you know works for you and feels good.

My list will inevitably look different to yours, although there is likely to be some common practices and perhaps some inspiration.
My list included meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, reading for pleasure, journaling, quality sleep, learning something new, trying out new recipes, eating foods that make me feel good and having a daily laugh plus lots more.

I hope your list helps you to connect with all the ways you too show up for yourself on a daily basis and inspires you to explore additional ways to have a year filled with positivity and health.

Courtney Baker – Naturopath