Aromatouch is a beautiful approach to using essential oils and touch in an organized rhythm and flow.

Along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back, head and feet to stimulate the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems of the body to create lymphatic movement and energetic balance.

It is a gentle touch and amazing for both your physical and emotional bodies.

AromaTouch was developed by Dr Hill, (Founding Executive, Chief Medical Officer and Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee of doTerra) to give a person the experience of an essential oil and the healing benefits of touch to create positive interactions and trust.

The technique works with the body and includes rolling movements along the ears for stress reduction. Introducing essential oils down the spine followed by a gentle touch of rhythm and flow along the 5 meridian points of the back encourages lymphatic drainage. The feet (Vital parts of treatment in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine) are also included because of the connection to body systems and organs. The movements of rhythm and flow continue on each foot touching corresponding body system to further improve relaxation and calmness leading to better sleep and well-being.

Everyone in this life can benefit from this practi

ce as your whole body becomes calm you are facilitating self-healing.

Each oil in the treatment has been chosen for the purpose it brings to your body and grouped together for maximum benefits.

Stress reduction

Balance: Relax and bring harmony to the mind

Lavender: Calm and relax

Immune support

Tea tree: For cleansing and cooling.

Onguard: To assist the body’s natural defences and have positive effects on immunity

Inflammation and discomfort

AromaTouch: relaxing and comforting effects.

Ice blue: Muscle and tissue support.


Wild orange: To invigorate and support the mind and body.

Peppermint: Cooling and uplifting.