5 Neck Stretches For The Office Worker

5 Easy and Effective Neck Stretches

Myotherapist: “Why did you make today’s appointment?”

Client: “I have been getting a tight neck and shoulders for the last few
months. Headaches are becoming more frequent. I think it is from sitting
at my desk all day. My workload has been crazy recently.”

This is one of the more common conversations that I have with people in
the clinic. When you get busy in front of a computer it is like you get
sucked into a time warp and all of a sudden you have been sitting there
for 6hrs straight!

I have, without a doubt, been guilty of being in this same situation in my
previous career. Even though we know we should be having movement breaks
intermittently sometimes it just doesn’t happen. So I thought I would
share with you the 5 stretches that I not only prescribe to clients but
also use myself. These are very beneficial for people working at a desk for long


Front Of Neck

To stretch the right muscle, turn your head to the left. Put the heel of
your left thumb (thenar eminence) at the attachment of your right sternocleidomastoid (SCM). This is where your collar bone and sternum meet.
Put your right hand on top of your left to apply extra pressure. Keeping
your head turned to the left lean your head back. You should then feel a
nice strong stretch in your SCM. Turn your head to the right and repeat the process for your left one.

Side Bend

Move your right ear towards your right shoulder. With your right hand, pull your head further gently into the side bend. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat for the other side.

Forward Bend

Put your chin towards your chest. With either hand, pull your head gently further down creating a stronger stretch. Hold for 20secs.

Forward Angle Bend

Turn your head to the right. Put your right hand over the back left hand side of your head and gently pull your head down towards the ground. Hold for 20secs. Turn your head to the left and repeat the process.

Inbetween Shoulder Blades

Interlock your fingers (palm facing in) at chest height.
Move your hands away from your chest trying to create as much space between your chest and palms as possible.
Put your chin on your chest and turn your head from left to right with your chin down.

As a Myotherapist, these are simple and effective neck stretches that I give to clients almost daily. Whether you are an office worker or you just woke up with a stiff neck, stretches like these can be a safe and easy way to ease neck tension.

Take note of the text in bold above, these neck stretches are in addition to any other movement you are doing through out the day. Always consult a health professional to make sure you these stretches are suitable for your situation.

If you are having issues with headaches or your neck, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT to see if we can help.